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Senior Physician Dr. Werner Kleschpis works at the Clinic for Orthopaedics, Trauma Surgery and Sports Traumatology at the Kepler University Hospital in Linz. In addition to this already very demanding task, he also devotes himself to the following activities:

  • Association doctor of the Upper Austrian Handball Federation
  • Club doctor Black Wings Linz
  • Club doctor handball natural gas LINZ champion 1993, state champion 1994, 95 VOEST Linz 1994 LASK Linz 1995/96
  • Sports medical examination as part of the LISS
  • Emergency courses for the Federal Ministry of Defense
  • General sworn expert.

As a specialist in the fields:

  • Clarification and diagnosis of complaints and injuries of all joints as well as their treatment
  • Clarification and diagnosis of sports medicine complaints and injuries as well as their treatment.
  • Arthroscopic Surgery Specialist

he knows about the causes of problems in the joint area. Restrictions in mobility are often caused by too little or unbalanced activity. Sporting activities in your free time loosen stuck fascia, promote blood circulation and stimulate the metabolism so that the body can be better supplied with nutrients.

Herniated discs and pain often arise when the joint-stabilizing muscles are too weak. This is where sports and fitness training can help.

The best start to the day

Almost everyone knows that, the alarm clock rings, the stomach growls and the bathroom is waiting. Time is short to prepare for the working day. Then the children also ask for care. How are you supposed to find time to work out?

But here, too, organization is everything. Especially for people with a double burden, exercise creates a balance to the usually very stressful everyday life. In this way, one's own physical and mental performance can be maintained. By the way that restorative Vitamin B12 helps. It doesn't have to be strenuous training sessions in the gym, even small fitness sessions do a lot to build strong muscles. And who knows, maybe the kids will join in too. Sport does not harm them. Exercising before breakfast not only makes you fit, but also happy. This is how every day becomes a feel-good day!

Nightingale or Lark?

There are those people who can't get out of bed even with the most beautiful temptations. So why make yourself even more crazy with exercise in the morning. The day eventually gets stressful enough. Everyone is different and it's good that it's like that.

So you have a leisurely breakfast, as long as your schedule allows, and in the late morning your brain and body are finally running at full speed. Exercising in the morning can counteract this, but you want to decide for yourself when to focus on your own fitness. After all, you have to stop in the morning when work calls loudly. It's a lot more leisurely in the evening. You have time pressure all day long. Doesn't that have to be in the morning too?

Studies show that the body only runs at full speed until 7 p.m. Then it goes into relaxation mode. But for some people it's different. The nightingales among humans only become really active there. So the best time for them to do some fitness training. Best of all, take friends and family with you. Those who want to regenerate afterwards will find support in the regenerating Herbal Elixir Rockrose .

Training after an injury – does it make sense?

Targeted strength training is essential to rebuild muscle mass after an injury. This reduces the risk of re-traumatization. The well-known strength training is rather unsuitable for this, since the injured part of the body has to be protected. The expert knows that occlusion training is suitable for this. The effect of the training is similar to that of conventional training. Study results show a strong increase in strength after several weeks of occlusion training. This type of training is suitable for people who are active in sports, but also for older people. Even athletes who cannot train in the conventional way due to injury benefit from it.

Anyone who has problems with their joints or needs help due to an injury is best advised to contact an expert such as Senior Physician Dr. Werner Kleschpis .

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