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And not just because I'm the daughter of a pharmacist. I am quite simply “addicted” to as much knowledge as possible about this gift that needs to be received. So I went through an extensive training program.

As a psychologist, biohacker, personal trainer and health coach, I get people moving mentally, emotionally and physically so that they can live self-confident, body-conscious and healthy lives.

I have a wide range of scientific methods and practical experience at my disposal and coach holistically and individually.

That's why it's also important to me to make a few essential comments about "Corona" - even if you can't hear this word anymore. "Corona" is here and will keep us busy for a while. It is therefore worth dealing with immune system to deal with in a little more detail:

This can be broken down into TH1 and TH2, the former being innate/cellular and the latter being humoral/acquired. If a virus occurs, it needs a host (us). It chooses a suitable cell and grows and multiplies with the help of our cell material. So it is clear that the reaction to a virus like Corona is always a cellular TH1 immune response.

So if you get infected with this virus, a strong immune system is extremely important.

The better our immune system works, the milder the course of the disease will be - and consequently be over more quickly.

We should therefore pay more attention to our body barriers, because they play a central role in our immune system: mouth, eyes, ears, intestines, lungs, skin and mucous membranes. These barriers are very sensitive to our lifestyle and environmental influences. That's why we should start right here:



A well-functioning gut is crucial for an optimal immune system. The right intestinal bacteria need fibers from vegetables and fruit, not from bread or cereals! Avoid meat as much as possible - poultry and fish can complement the menu. No more than 2-3 meals a day - Intermittent fasting is ideal for cell regeneration.

The following also work as virus protection:

  • Vitamin C (oranges, cabbage, spinach, peppers)*
  • Vitamin A (offal such as chicken liver)*
  • Omega-3 fatty acids (fish, linseed oil, algae)*
  • Vitamin D (fatty fish, porcini, shiitake mushrooms, sun!)*
  • Zinc*
  • Selenium*
  • L-Glutamine*
  • lactoferrin*
  • Cordyseps Sinensis (medicinal mushroom)*
  • Reishi (medicinal mushroom)*
  • Sulfur NaC*
  • Licorice Root (Glycyrrhizin)

All of the protectors mentioned can be easily supplemented.

Dietary supplements support the body with important

nutrients and self-healing supporters. Vital mixtures of medicinal herbs and natural plants , processed in the highest quality, vegan glycerin, can be absorbed directly through the oral mucosa. You can find more about this at: www.betterforme.at

Medicinal herbs and natural plants can do so much more

100% natural herbs in vegan glycerin

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