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Precious herbs for poor concentration - lemon balm

Do you know that? You only have a few hours to meet an important deadline, but you still have a lot of work to do and your concentration is fading. The stress of the deadline pressure does the rest. But the way to the goal of keeping the appointment is blocked. You feel as if you literally have a board in front of your head. An invisible clock is ticking in front of your inner eye, while your level of performance continues to drop towards zero. How can you increase your concentration in such a situation? Before the memory is completely empty, an emergency plan must be made. Our tip is to use proven herbs like that lemon balm . Available from us as a herbal elixir and has space in every bag.

When is lemon balm suitable for you?

A lack of concentration can have many causes, but some factors favor the lack of concentration enormously. These include:

  • lack of sleep and the resulting fatigue
  • no real motivation to complete a task
  • psychological stress
  • Distractions like constantly checking email or cell phones
  • lack of exercise
  • constantly putting off the necessary work
  • no time management
  • over- or under-challenge
  • lack of self-management.

If at least two of the points apply to you, lemon balm is the right plant for you. She not only helps adults, but also children .

The concentration test

If you want to achieve your goal without stress, you have to be able to concentrate on your work. Let's do a test: focus your full attention on this article and try to read it with full concentration until the end. Turn off all distractions, just focus on this article, don't multitask and leave your everyday problems outside.

Lemon balm - gentle on body and soul

Anyone who knows her appreciates her. Not only does it grow like crazy, but it also smells fantastic. Its leaves are heart-shaped and smell like lemon. Therefore, these can not only be used as tea, but also to decorate dishes. But lemon balm can do even more, because it calms and can also be used safely on children. However, allergy sufferers must be careful.

The lemon balm is probably one of the oldest medicinal plants. It comes from the Mediterranean region and is also popularly known as women's welfare, feverfew, nerve herb and heart comfort. Even these names give a clear indication of their use. Hildegard von Bingen already knew: "The lemon balm is warm. A person who eats it likes to laugh because its warmth affects the spleen and therefore the heart is happy."

Paracelsus also used lemon balm with its heart-shaped leaves for heart diseases. "Of all things the earth produces, lemon balm is the best herb for the heart." Later it was grown in the monastery gardens. Lemon balm was even made responsible for good dreams, but it was also used for women's disorders.

calm and balance

For children Lemon balm is often recommended because they are often overexcited from the day and do not get any rest at night. Taken as an herbal elixir before going to bed, it makes it easier for children to fall asleep. Restless children find more balance and peace during the day.

The herbal elixir can even be the first choice for soothing stomach ache. The natural essential oils contained in lemon balm, such as citronellal, linalool and citral, are responsible for this. They also create the lemony scent. Flavonoids and polyphenols do the rest.

If you notice that your child has a lack of concentration, learning difficulties and stress at school , reaching for lemon balm can prove to be very helpful. British scientists have found that lemon balm also increases brain activity.

This not only promotes concentration, but also makes learning easier and the ability to remember is given a boost.

Then the stress at school hardly has a chance. Helpful without any side effects. By the way, did you know that the Memory champion Dominic O'Brien trusts in the lemon balm. He says that the lemon balm helps his concentration.

Wellness and beauty with the green miracle

Those who can open their eyes to the beauty of Mother Nature will discover many herbs that can alleviate ailments. But herbs can do even more. Especially the lemon balm gives you and your appearance that certain something. She is just waiting to support you with her inherent powers. You just have to grab it. Lemon balm water made without alcohol contains many valuable ingredients for the skin. Such a lemon balm hydrolate can be used both as a facial tonic and as an aftershave. It does not irritate the skin but is mild and refreshing. From the inside, our herbal elixir is calmingly helpful.

Concentration test passed?

Congratulations, you have reached the end of our blog article. Not like that, now you know how to increase your concentration and reduce stress.

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