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Mario Sacher is a cabaret artist, moderator, speaker, DJ and medically certified fasting and health trainer. The Mühlviertel life artist used the lockdown period in spring 2020 for a self-experiment: he fasted for 21 days and wrote a funny-satirical and at the same time entertaining-informative book about it - "21 days without - report on three weeks of therapeutic fasting".

"It's unbelievable what a key we have with fasting, which manages to move so many organs towards health with just one measure," enthuses Prof. Dr. Andreas Michalsen, chief physician in the department of internal medicine and naturopathy at the Immanuel Hospital Berlin and professor for clinical naturopathy at the Charité Berlin. If there were a drug with this effectiveness, it would probably be a hit all over the world.

What does fasting mean now? Therapeutic fasting is the voluntary renunciation of solid food for a certain period of time. A healthy, slim person can do this for 40 days without any problems. Of course, this duration is not recommended for beginners.

But a week of fasting, six or seven days without solid food, is a proverbial fountain of youth for most people. I've been practicing this time of abstinence twice a year for twelve years, and for five years I've also been accompanying groups as a medically certified fasting and health trainer.

Some will now ask: How can this work? That can't be healthy, can it? I would surely die of starvation...etc. It works easier than most people think. Even for me as the ultimate epicurean. Only the first two days are difficult. At the latest after the third day of fasting, the body stops producing digestive juices and the hunger is completely gone. A real "fasting high" sets in and you have the feeling that you could uproot trees.

Our body, which is a true miracle, which is often forgotten in conventional medicine, switches to "nourishment from within" and taps into its reserves. Energy and fuel is obtained from deposits and fat by altering the metabolism, which has the effect of triggering the body's own cleansing mechanisms. This "emergency program" frees the body from waste products that have accumulated over a long period of time. We humans can deal far better with renunciation than with excess.

This cleaning process works even better if it is combined with herbal elixirs (e.g nettle, dandelion, licorice root ) is supported. However, these must not contain any alcohol or factory sugar. Up to now there was simply no such thing, but with the Betterforme products I have finally found the fasting support I have been looking for for a long time.

Furthermore, it is important to promote elimination when fasting according to Buchinger/Lützner, as I practice it. i.e. drink a lot (herbal tea, water, lemon juice), move a lot, sweat a lot and spend a lot of time in the fresh air.

There is currently a lot of discussion about prolonging life and avoiding diseases. I am absolutely convinced, and meanwhile dozens of studies agree with me, that with one fasting week a year, millions of people in our affluent society could not only make their lives more liveable and healthier, but also lengthen them.

Hermann Hesse wrote in Siddhartha: "Everyone can do magic, everyone can achieve their goals if they can think, if they can wait, if they can fast."

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