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Long awaited, it's finally here: Spring!

Everywhere you can see the fresh green, which symbolizes life, growth and renewal. Spring shows us how to start over and it's definitely time for a fresh start. Herbs such as stinging nettles and dandelion are perfect for really boosting the metabolism to get our body going again after the winter.

Our grandparents already knew about the unique effects of these "weeds" and collected and processed all kinds of herbs in the spring. Two of the most important spring herbs are the nettle and the dandelion .

The Dandelion

For many it is just annoying in the garden, for children it is a beautiful dandelion and yet it is one of the best local superfoods.
Due to its high vitamin C content, the dandelion is often processed into a fresh spring salad in spring - also known as tuber lettuce. A real treat with warm potatoes.

Even if the dandelion tastes bitter, it is precisely these bitter substances that make it so unique. Bitter taste components are almost completely absent these days. They were bred from our vegetables for their taste.

The dandelion is perfect here - because the bitter substances it contains support the liver and strengthen digestion. The herb is also popular for bloating and flatulence.

The nettle

It is one of the oldest medicinal herbs and is used in medicine in many areas of life. In folk medicine, it is mainly used for detoxification and purification during spring cures.

But it not only boosts the metabolism, it also has an immune-stimulating effect and is versatile. Whether as a facial steam bath for blemished skin, a bath additive for aching limbs or tea for urinary tract disorders, this herb is just so much more than weed.

The small stinging nettle seeds, which only appear later, should not be underestimated either - they are a perfect help against tiredness, exhaustion and poor performance.

You can also find both natural talents in our unique herbal elixirs FREEING , STIMULATING and CLEANING .

Here's another delicious recipe in which the two herbs can be processed in the best possible way:

wild herb pesto

50 g arugula
50 g dandelion and nettle
Approx. 100 ml olive oil
1 unwaxed lemon
1 handful of sunflower seeds
Salt pepper

Cut rocket, dandelion and nettle into small pieces. Roast the sunflower seeds without fat and chop with a knife. Now put the green herbs and the sunflower seeds in a blender and puree with the olive oil. Season to taste with lemon juice and grated lemon zest. Salt and pepper!
You can make this pesto with all other types of herbs:
radish green

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