I, Mag. pharm. Gabriela Gabriel, graduated in pharmacy in Vienna. After starting my professional life, I first recognized its many facets and completed additional training in:

  • Microimmunotherapy
  • Schüssler salts
  • Face Analysis
  • Food supplement
  • Nutritional advice (also vegan) i. A.


What I particularly appreciate and love about my work as a pharmacist is that I am confronted with many different health topics and therefore always have the opportunity to learn more. Roughly summarized, I can say that our state of health is related to one thing, namely our immune system! We face many challenges today. There is the stressful everyday life, pathogens, an often not optimal diet, lack of exercise and above all the emotional issues that the current world situation brings out in each of us. All this, and much more, is the reason why an intact immune system, as a guardian so to speak, is incredibly important. Our body is naturally capable of protecting itself against intruders, but it often needs a boost to generate an adequate immune response.


So how can we strengthen our barrier?


There are incredible tools available today that we can use and be grateful for. In addition to dietary supplements, homeopathy and herbal remedies, I would like to discuss here a rather unknown but unique option to include the immune system in the therapeutic strategy: Microimmunotherapy. The aim of microimmunotherapy is to regulate the immune system's response, since about 90% of diseases are associated with a misdirected or insufficient immune response.


But how does it work?

An intact immune system maintains correct cell communication and information transfer through the use of certain messenger substances and proteins (chemokines, interleukins, growth factors, etc.). The functional efficiency of an immune response therefore stands or falls with and through the substances mentioned. Microimmunotherapy uses the same substances in homeopathic dilutions, i.e. in microdoses, to regulate and correct the transmission of information to the organism. These substances are also administered in a very specific order that takes into account the natural mechanism of our body. Despite the fact that microimmunotherapy uses homeopathic dilutions, it is strictly speaking an isopathic ("iso" = equal) therapy, since it uses immunological raw materials produced by biotechnology. The quality of LaboLife products is assured through a strict quality control by a responsible pharmacist. Therefore, these products are only available in pharmacies and include both prescription and over-the-counter products. The use of these preparations is highly individual and requires the recommendation and consultation of a doctor or pharmacist who has completed this training. Microimmunotherapy can be a very strong partner in the treatment of acute, chronic, as well as autoimmune symptoms, which can be triggered by chronic viral loads, bacteria, allergies, stress- and age-related diseases and various inflammatory processes. It can be easily integrated into an already existing treatment concept, as its properties make it well tolerated and compatible with other treatments. Of course, other aspects such as nutrition, the physical and mental condition of the individual should always be taken into account. Many LaboLife products, which are mainly directed against certain viral strains, can be very well combined with plant extracts, such as Cat's Claw, lemon balm and Licorice root (the so-called "antiviral trio"), combine and amplify. Numerous other combination possibilities are possible here. In my opinion, microimmunotherapy builds an important bridge between alternative and conventional medicine (both of which are very important and should not be considered separately) treatment concepts.

I am very happy to have come across this type of therapy and often observe how gentle and effective it is. If you have any questions about this topic, please do not hesitate to contact me.


The intention that made me study pharmacy is and will always be one that I want to and will always remember, namely to be accompanying, conscientious and responsible in the service of health and humanity. I can say the same of the entire team of our pharmacy (Schutzengel Apotheke Linz), where we advise several people every day in various areas related to health. Beyond expertise and competence, however, one thing is and remains our highest good, namely humanity. This is how we deal with each other as well as with our customers, whom we all appreciate in their uniqueness. We look forward to welcoming each and every one of them to our company.

If you want more information, please feel free to write me an email